Be Part Of The Family

Achieving Dream

In our family, we support each other emotionally and financially. With almost zero turn over rate for the recent years, our team members not only feel safe within the circle but also extremely motivated to strive for bigger goals. Age and experience does not limit your potential to earn and becomes the best. You can be in your early 20's and runs your own centre. You can be studying in 1st year of university and teach for us while learning how to excel in this field. You can also be in 30's and starts to explore the field of education and our amazing culture to success. We welcome you.

The Perks

Dynamic team
More than 10 locations to work
Performance bonus
Share options in centres
Training and mentorship

Career in Education

Students have the propensity to over-rely on tuition centres rather than on school teachers because enrolling for a tuition had become a norm among parents who want their children to achieve par excellence in their studies. Thus, education is the best line to venture into in Malaysia which will act as an economy booster for an individual.

Build your career with us!

Full Time & Part Time(职责)
-Assist in centre operation 协助中心的运作
-Conduct basic printing and documentation tasks 影印资料和文件
-Ensure centre cleanliness and tidiness 确保中心整齐和清洁
Full Time & Part Time(职责)
-Enhance learning experience of students, maximise students' understanding. 提升学生的学习能力,扩大学生的明白能力
-Knowledge enrichment for students. 给于学生更多的额外知识
-Simplify syllabus and deliver the information to students. 以最简单的教学方式教导学生
-Conduct small scale experiment to ensure understanding of students. 做一些小型实验让学生更容易明白
Full Time  & Part Time(职责)
-To assist Centre Managers in marking papers, guide students homework and prepare teaching notes for teachers. 监督学生的功课&准备教学资料
Full Time & Part Time(职责)
-Handle general enquiries.处理一些普遍的询问
-Arrange classes and assist in daily operation. 安排班以及协助中心的日常运作
-Ensure centre cleanliness 确保中心整洁
-Carry out basic documentation 整理一些普通的文件
Full Time(职责)

-Handle centre daily operation. 处理中心的日常操作
-Allocate suitable class for students. 分配合适的班给学生
-Handle parents enquiries. 处理家长的疑问
-Handle invoice and fees collection. 处理清单和收集费用
-Coordinate with teacher and arrange for classes 与老师协调有关分配班的事项
Full Time(职责)
-Assist in centre daily operation 协助中心的日常操作
-Coordinate with parents regarding to student's progress. 与家长协调有关孩子的进展
-Handle parents enquiries 处理家长的疑问
-Handle invoice and fees collection 处理清单和收集费用
Employee Privilege (员工福利)
-Annual income up to RM100,000.(超过RM100,000的年收入)
-Affluent year-end bonus.(丰厚的年终花红)
-Provide free training and self-improvement courses to ensure career development.(获得免费的培训课程和指导)
-Provide MC leave and entitled for 14 days Annual leave.(提供Mc leave以及14天的有薪假期)
-Team building activity and company trip.(户外活动以及团队旅行)

How To Apply 

Step 1: Fill in the Online Form here
Step 2: Send your latest resume and picture to recruitment@vbest.edu.my
Step 3: Shorlisted candidates will be invited for an interview

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be called for an interview?

Usually it takes two to three working days to arrange for an interview. If you are not called for an interview your profile will be kept in view. You can of course try to resend your application.

What should I prepare for the interview?

  1. Proper attire.
  2. Mock teaching session is around 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Proper teaching materials.

Where will the interview be held?

It depends on the convenience of both interviewer and the candidate.

Who will be sitting in the mock teaching session?

Only the interviewers.

Do I need to print out my resume or application form?

Its not required but please bring along a softcopy of your latest resume.

Any tips about the interview?

Yes, please prepare well to show how effective your teaching is. It will be very helpful in the interview.

Where will i be placed to work or teach?

You will be assigned to work or teach in one or more VBest Tutorial Centres through Klang Valley and also handle VPremium One to One cases .

Will there be any training?

Individuals who are effective and able to adapt to our culture will be given further on the field training & direct mentoring from the Centre Managers, Vice-Principals, Principal and Founder.

Team Journal

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Appreciation Dinner - Shangri-la Buffet Dinner @ Lemon Garden
Dodgeball Event - Lots of fun together with new experience
Appreciation Night - Movie with the bunch
Company Trip - Discover Hong Kong Together
The Last Class - Proud to be in education
Team Outing - Ocean Park with love
 Outdoor Event - Captain Ball
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