International University Collaboration Programme

VBest has collaborated with numerous institutions, both locally and internationally, to offer our students a clear path to their desired tertiary education provider. These programmes are useful for both students and parents as they are able to gain detailed information on the selection of universities and getting enrolled in a degree course.

A good preparation and thorough research is always encouraged for students who are planning to further their studies in overseas for the first time. Hence, VBest is here to assist our students in planning for their tertiary education and we will be collaborating with more international universities in the future. Stay tuned for more updates regarding these programmes.

Why Study in the UK?

High Quality

A UK degree is widely recognised globally and comes with quality assurance, with many UK universities ranking highly in major world university and subject league tables.

Course Length 

Most UK degrees are relatively short, with Bachelor's degrees taking three years, and Master's taking only one year to complete.


Many UK courses now offer work placement opportunities. Studying abroad is also a great addition on your CV to boost employability.


University campuses offer 24 hour security, whilst many of the cities have low crime rates and provide a safe environment for study and for research.

English Language

Being the birthplace of English, the UK is a great place to learn the world's most popular language, the first global lingua franca.


The UK is a big melting pot boasting diverse international community. Here you can find great cultural diversity inherited from ancient heritage to modern contemporary.


The United Kingdom are made up of 4 parts; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Along with the rest of Europe at your doorstep, you will have many places to visit and explore.

Cost of Living 

A UK education is very affordable with many places offering low living cost. Studying in the UK will also boost your future salary.

Subject Ranking in the UK 2019

Popular Courses and Top Ranking Universities 

  • Accounting - Strathclyde
  • Architecture - Sheffield
  • Computer Science - Swansea
  • Law - Aberdeen
  • Pharmacology & Pharmacy - Ulster
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