V Best is once again conducting a summer school holiday program with a variet of exciting, innovative, and interactive activities for children of different ages from Year 1 to Year 6. During the program, children will be participating in various team building and problem solving activities which includes the application of Maths, Science and English.

V Best holiday program offers 2 intake:
Alpha Intake (2nd December - 15th December)
Beta Intake (16th December - 29th December)

Theme 1: Nature and Resource Conservation

Children will be learning about latest world energy consumption, and potential energy saving projects.
Children will be given chance to carry out renewable energy project to apply learning in sciences along with guidance of teachers.
Children will be having table topic discussion to enhance English Speaking experience and foster skills in message delivering.
Mathematics questions will be given to students to allow improve mathematics questions solving skills.

Theme 2: Technology Advancement, Science and Outer Space

Children will be latest evolution of SpaceX rocket projects and China's space program.

Children can enhance their english proficency from extracting information from science documentary.

Mathematics skills will be tested. Olympiad mathematics questions and checkpoint mathematics questions will be given.

Science experiment and project related to checkpoint syllabus will be given. Each team will be given a science topic to present

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