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The road to success with us

Dynamic | Passionate | Resolute These are just some of the admirable qualities that can be found in our students. For their courage to dream big and unwavering perseverance to get to where they are today, we would like to showcase their journey with us as a way of celebrating their remarkable achievements.                                                                                                               SPM Success>

June 2016


January 2016

Congratulations to our students who got flying colour results in the last IGCSE Oct Nov 2015 exam! Round of applause!

We are also proud of our students who started with weak results and have worked very hard to with us showing great improvements. These students have put extreme effort to balance their preparation to participate in national/international sports events and their IGCSE exams. Their ‘never give up’ attitude should be a good role model for all students.

October 2015


September 2015

An IGCSE Add Math Workshop conducted by Mr Austin Lau. The students from MRSM will be going for Oct/Nov 2015 IGCSE Examination finds Mr Austin intensive workshop very motivational and was able to give them the last push a few weeks before exams.

September 2015


Congratulations Jia Zheng of VBest Cheras for scoring highest for Physics & Chemistry Examination

September 2015

Percentage of Students achieving A* to B of IGCSE May/June 2015 Examination

Mathematics 100%
Co-ordinated Science 100%
Combined Science 100%
Business Studies 95.5%
Accounting 95.3%
Additional Mathematics 94.8%
Physics 94.4%
Chemistry 94.1%
Biology 93.9%
First Language English 92.0%
Economics 90%
Malay Language 88%

September 2015

Thank you note from parents,
we are grateful for their dedication and work with us a team

Results-16-169x300   igcse-Results-22-205x300   Results-18-270x300

September 2015



August 2015

Nothing beats a positive feedback from students

Results-25-169x300 Results-24-169x300 Results-13-259x300

Results-14-257x300 Results-12-169x300 Results-26-169x300

August 2015


Mark Teoh has been taking one to one with us since his results in school is below
average, with determination and dedicated help he is finally achieved outstanding results

August 2015

Receiving thank you messages really push us to work harder and help more students and parents


August 2015

Results says its all

Results-07 (1)

Results-02 (1)


Results-27-169x300 Results-01-169x300Results-05-169x300

May 2015


Rachel Lee at her valedictory ceremony at
Trinity College Melbourne

May 2015


Jing Li was awarded Maybank Scholarship and
has just graduated from University of Melbourne
For the full article, click here.

Mac 2015


Gillian Wong and Han Lin receiving awards
for their outstanding IGCSE achievements

Feb 2015


Our most outstanding student of the semester scoring IGCSE 11As

Feb 2015

Gillian 9As
Felicia Ho 9As
Jia Ruey 8As
Shi Wei 8As
Christina 8As
Joel 8As
Alya 6As
Marcus Leong 6As

Jan 2015

Percentage of Students achieving A* to B of IGCSE Oct/Nov 2014 Examination

Mathematics 100%
Chemistry 96%
Physics 92%
Biology 91%
Business Studies 91%
Economics 90%
Additional Mathematics 88%


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