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We are proud to recruit, motivate and invest in the best teachers who are committed to nurture and inspire students. Our teachers have access to professional development and support systems which keep them up to date about the latest teaching ideas in the industry.

Mr Austin Lau: Additional Maths

Mr Austin Lau
Academic Director

Additional Maths

Mr Sai Mun: Chemistry & Physics

Mr Sai Mun
Academic Director

Chemistry & Physics

Mr Jack Liew: Add. Maths & Physics

Mr Jack Liew
Academic Director

Add. Maths & Physics

Mr Khing Yuan: Chemistry

Mr Khing Yuan
Academic Director


Mr Desmond: Maths & Science

Mr Desmond
Academic Director

Mathematics, Physics

Mr Edison: Humanities & Sciences

Mr Edison
Academic Director
Humanities & Sciences

Mr James: Accounting & Economics

Mr James
Academic Director
Accounting & Economics

Mr Ivan Soh: Physics & Science

Mr Ivan Soh
Academic Director
Physics & Science

Mr Keith: Add. Maths

Mr Keith
Academic Director
Add. Maths

Mr Brad Soo: Business Studies & Economics

Mr Brad Soo
Academic Director
Business Studies & Economics

Ms Joan: Biology & Chemistry

Ms Joan
Academic Director

Biology & Chemistry

Ms Jes: Accounting

Ms Jes

Ms Evie: Accounting

Ms Evie

Mr Chin: Mathematics & Sciences

Mr Chin
Mathematics & Sciences

Ms Teh: Accounting & English

Ms Teh
Accounting & English

Ms Yi Jun: Economics & Business & Accounting

Ms Yi Jun
Economics & Business & Accounting

Mr. Sky: Mathematics & Physics

Dr. Sky
Mathematics & Physics

Ms Kathy Chong: Mandarin, Mathematics &Science

Ms Kathy Chong
Mandarin, Mathematics &Science

Ms Rachel: Add. Maths & Mathematics & Science

Ms Rachel
Add. Maths & Mathematics & Science

Mr Joe: Biology & Chemistry

Mr Joe
Academic Director

Biology & Chemistry

Mr Melvyn Chee: Business Studies & Economics

Mr Melvyn Chee
Business Studies & Economics

Mr Eddie: Add. Maths & Mathematics

Mr Eddie
Add. Maths & Mathematics

Mr Nick Leow: Add. Maths & Physics

Mr Nick Leow
Add. Maths & Physics

Mr Andrew: Biology & Science

Mr Andrew
Biology & Science

Mr Kenny: Mathematics & Science

Mr Kenny
Mathematics & Science

Mr Tong: Mathematics & Science

Mr Tong
Mathematics & Science

Mr Dylan: Biology & Chemistry

Mr Dylan
Biology & Chemistry

Mr Eric: Business Studies

Mr Eric
Business Studies

Ms Yee Wen: English & Mathematics & Sciences

Ms Yee Wen
English & Mathematics & Sciences

Mr Jin: Bahasa Melayu

Mr Jin
Bahasa Melayu

Mr Chang: Accounting, Mathematics & Science

Mr Chang
Accounting, Mathematics & Science


Mr Victor
Add. Maths & Chemistry & Physics

Mr Keng Foo: Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Mr Keng Foo
Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Mr Kai: English & History

Mr Kai
English & History

Mr Stanley: Physics & Science

Mr Stanley
Physics & Science

Mr Adrian: Business Studies & Economics

Mr Adrian
Business Studies & Economics

Mr CJ: Mathematics & Science & Physics & Chemistry

Mathematics & Science & Physics & Chemistry

Mr Zi Yao: Mathematics and Science

Mr Zi Yao
Mathematics and Science

Ms Kye Xin: English

Ms Kye Xin


Ms. Nicole

Ms Shin Jing: Biology & Chemistry

Ms Shin Jing
Biology & Chemistry

Ms Jasmine: Mandarin & Maths

Ms Jasmine
Mandarin & Maths


Ms Nadia
Sejarah & Bahasa Melayu

Mr Jim: Mathematics

Mr Jim

Ms Hoi Yan: Chemistry & Physics

Ms Hoi Yan
Chemistry & Physics

Zane Soh

Mr Zane Soh
Computer Science & ICT & Mathematics


Ms Chloe Lee
Science & Mathematics


Mr Clarance
English & Mathematics


Ms Suet Yee
Biology & Chemistry & Chinese Language


Ms Yi Ru
Biology & Chemistry & Physics

Ms Kah Yee: Add. Maths & Mathematics & Science

Ms Kah Yee
Add. Maths & Mathematics & Science

Mr Rong Bin: Economics & Mathematics

Mr Rong Bin
Economics & Mathematics

Mr Fahmi: Chemistry & Physics

Mr Fahmi
Chemistry & Physics

Mr Hazim: Mathematics & Science

Mr Hazim
Mathematics & Science

Mr. Jacky: ICT

Mr. Jacky

Mr Mathieu Chauvinc: Mathematics & Physics

Mr Mathieu Chauvinc
Mathematics & Physics

Mr Euson: Mathematics & Science

Mr Euson
Mathematics & Science

Ms Shannon Ong: Science

Ms Shannon Ong

Dr Lee: Physics & Science

Dr Lee
Physics & Science

Ms Emilia Lillo: English

Ms Emilia Lillo

Mr Bryan Lim: Mathematics & Science

Mr Bryan Lim
Mathematics & Science

Ms. Yuki Biology

Ms. Yuki

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