Leadership Team 

With a group of dedicated leaders, we created an eco-system whereby teachers are empowered with plans and tools to produce success. The diversity and dynamism of VBest senior-level leaders are setting high standards of teaching beyond the rigorous curriculum and through thoughtful training we ensure the lessons inside the classroom will surely be an unparalleled experience.

With over a decade of teaching experience, Mr Sai Mun is reponsible for superintending all general management of VBest centres and acts as an advisor regarding education business decisions and all academic changes that are carried out.

During his years of service as a teacher, Mr Sai Mun has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of different international educational programmes such as:

• South Australian Matriculation (SAM),
• Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP),
• International Baccauleareaute (IB),
• Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM),
• International School Syllabus (IGCSE)

A noted academic with an acute understanding of these programmes and years of teaching experience acquired through his service in Taylors College, Sri KDU Secondary School and Sri KDU International School, Mr Sai Mun has also produced and published various learning materials focusing on Sciences & Mathematics.

Furthermore, Mr Sai Mun has received countless acknowledgements for his achievements and contributions in the field of education. He has appeared in various nationally recognized platforms such as BFM 89.9, News Straits Time, The Star, Sin Chew Jit Poh, Astro Top Tutor TV and many more. With his passion for the empowerment of effective learning and his unique KnoDePu teaching methodology, Mr Sai Mun offers sound guidance to all teachers in VBest to ensure top quality delivery of education to all students.

With 2.9 million hits on his educational websites and over 1,100,000 views on his YouTube Channel, he is one of the strongest advocates for quality education.

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E-mail : mrsaimun@gmail.com

Mr Austin first began his journey as an educator in the year 2007. He had earned High Distinctions in Pre-University Mathematics prior to his teaching career and was listed on the Dean’s List for a top university in Malaysia for demonstrating high achievements. Furthermore, he has represented various institutions and participated as an individual in an array of Mathematics competitions such as Smart Quiz Mathematics KUTPM and National Olympiad Mathematics Competition throughout his educational journey.

Mr Austin has shown much success in creating effective and clear-cut Mathematics learning materials for students which include the usage of CPT Techniques (Concept, Pattern, Technique), comprehensible concepts, exam-focused answering techniques and so on. He has also previously conducted an intensive IGCSE Final Lap Workshop to help motivate students and assist them in their answering techniques.

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Mr Jack has more than 8 years of teaching experience as an educator of Additional Mathematics and Physics which is supported by his profound understanding of the variety of academic courses offered in Malaysia.

  • A-Levels
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Monash Foundation (MUFY)
  • Canadian Programme (CPU)
  • South Australian Matriculation (SAM)


He delivers classes in an interactive manner to help our students develop a strong understanding of the foundation needed to excel in these subjects. As an honours graduate in Engineering at Monash University, Mr Jack has also contributed in creating helpful learning materials such as Exclusive Mathematics Notes and Exercises and Intensive IGCSE Mathematics Formula Sheets to give students a better understanding of scoring keys and techniques in their IGCSE exams.

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Mr Khing’s area of focus consists of Biology and Chemistry. His outstanding comprehension of the two subjects had earned him various awards prior to his 9 years as an educator. Some of the many notable achievements he has obtained include:


  • 1st Class Honours in Bachelor of Biotechnology at Monash University
  • Poster presenter at 26th Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar
  • International Golden Key Award
  • JPA scholarship
  • MSU Maths Competition 2009 Second Runner Up
  • Monash Run 2012 Champion
  • International Art Awards Winner
  • Record Holders for Track & Field Events MSSMKL Sentul


As an educator, he also understands the importance of academic as well as co-curricular achievements as he has won various sports awards alongside his procurement of academic honours. Mr Khing can be easily considered an all-rounded individual as he possesses skills and knowledge in academics, arts and sports.


Through his unique execution of interactive classes, he guides students to score in their exams by fully understanding topics using special memory flashcards.

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With nearly half a decade of teaching experience, Mr Desmond is able to carry out classes in an efficient manner. He holds a degree in Quantity Surveying and has received incessant acknowledgement and gratitude from his previous and present students due to his remarkable teaching methods. Mr Desmond focuses on creating a more comprehensive and less stressful learning environment for his students through his tailored notes which often include:


  • Annotated formulas
  • Concise topic summaries
  • Exam answering techniques
  • Related practice questions


He intends to enhance students’ focus in classrooms when learning and practicing topics by creating a more effortless understanding which also helps to encourage a more independent approach by students.

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As a JPA scholar graduating with 1st Class Honours (3.92 CGPA) at the University of Malaya, Ms Lim has shown quality attributes as a teacher at VBest. She has developed high quality Biology and Chemistry notes for our students to ensure effective learning.


Prior to the obtainment of her degree in Biotechnology, Ms Lim was able to achieve many related awards such as a 4 Flat during her Form 6 studies as a bursary scholarship receiver; 9A+, 1A in her SPM while executing her duties as president and student class representative; and Distinction Achiever in Malaysia’s National Chemistry Quiz Advanced Level. Furthermore, she emerged as the best speaker in University of Malaya’s Bio symposium.

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Mr Ivan is a graduate from the University of Greenwich and has 4 years of experience teaching. Throughout his years of teaching, he has developed various teaching methods to promote effective learning in classes. With a focus in Physics and Science, Mr Ivan has also created top-notch simplified revision notes which have shown to deliver impeccable results. Furthermore, on top of introducing the C.E.F.R. Study Method, he also utilizes memory flash cards which he has composed himself to assist students in better memorization of all Physics formulae.  As he places great importance on communicating well with his students to help them hold better focus in class, he often creates a very interactive atmosphere during his classes.

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Ms Joan holds a Bachelor of Education in Science with a CGPA of 3.8 which she attained during her course of study at University of Malaya, placing her under the Dean’s List. She has a deep understanding for effective ways to deliver classes and creating a more interactive atmosphere. Additionally, she has developed various techniques in answering exam questions which help with our students’ understanding of the different Science topics and have proven to deliver exceptional results.


Ms Joan was also previously a receiver of the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Foundation Scholarship and has achieved a consistent academic grade during her course of study as follows:


  • Bachelor of Education in Science - 1st Class Honours
  • CGPA 3.93 in STPM(Science)
  • Straight As(11As) in SPM
  • Straight As(8As) in PMR

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Ms Amni has vast experience to ensure we comply with the laws and regulations set by the Ministry of Education, MOE and local authorities. She also coordinates with a few examination boards such as Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Cambridge International Examination (CIE), Anglia Examination England and CEFR.

Ms. Lam is a certified ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapist. She studied in the United Kingdom and her qualifications include a Master of Science, MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

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