Accelerator Program

VBest Accelerator Programme emphasizes on the Year 11 examinations for IGCSE. Lower secondary (Y7 to Y9) is finished in 2 years while upper sec (Y10 to Y11) is completed in 1.5 years. Our students from this programme graduates high school as early as at the age of 15. With this, the students have a choice either to further their studies or choose to pick up a skills necessary for the later part of their lives.

The IGCSE syllabus is globally recognized and our students are able to enrol into any universities they set their sights on. We have an excellent track record with many successful graduates who are all doing great things with their lives.
We ensure the students thoroughly understand the syllabus in a short time because our mentors are not only experienced in teaching, but are also capable of adjusting their teaching style according to the students’ needs. To further guarantee this, weekend classes are provided to hasten their progress.

Practice doesn’t make you perfect, but it does make you better. Hence after every topic, we have compiled questions from past year papers to not only challenge the students, but also to familiarize them with the format of the papers.

For consultation please speak to Vice Principal
Mr Jack
+6 012 714 1370

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