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Founded under the umbrella of VIP Education Group, VBest IGCSE Tutorial Centres implement the same tried and tested teaching philosophy that has fuelled the success stories of many students.

Here at VBest, we believe that strong educational foundations will open doors to countless opportunities for your child, and propel them towards success in their desired field of study. By instilling a passion for acquiring knowledge rather than generic textbook learning, your child’s learning experience becomes more engaging and enriching.

At our tutorial centres, your child’s educational needs are of our highest priority, and the flexibility of our teaching philosophy can cater specifically to learners of every kind. We want to make sure that they fully explore what the IGCSE and O-Level syllabus can offer, and to reflect upon their learning with depth.

IMG_9140-choiceCEO’s Message

It is undeniable that education is of utmost importance in our lives in order for us to be a better individual. The aim of education is, of course, to help the development of the potentialities of a person. Here at VBest, we aim to inspire and motivate students so that all the desirable qualities are allowed to blossom fully. The method of giving and receiving knowledge is vital in educating students. For this reason, we promise to deliver knowledge to our students in a fun and interesting way which allows them to immerse in a relaxing learning atmosphere. Learning should always be fun and lively as a part of a good education system. The success of students not only in their studies, but also in their lives, is highly dependent on the collaborative effort between teachers and parents. Hence, we promise to only have teachers who are dedicated and passionate so parents could have faith in us for educating their children which would in turn produce excellent outcome.

Mr Sai Mun 宋老师

austinflipPrincipal’s Message

While necessity is an instinct to do what needs to be done and survive, passion, however, is an inborn aspiration that is known to motivate a person to succeed in life, and it is the key factor of why successful people stand out in what they do. Students lack the confidence to score in what they deem uninteresting as they are pressured by necessity than feeling inspired by the passions they have yet to find. Thus, VIP teachers are trained to deliver skills that ignites students’ interest in the subjects and build up their confidence to score in examination as proven by the countless students that have graduated under our wing. Here at VIP, we aim to help students achieve whatever their minds can conceive.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve!”

Mr Austin Lau

Vice Principal’s Message

Since young, every privileged individual is fed the idea of going to school, advancing to university to obtain a degree certificate, and finally getting a job. They learn and gain knowledge from whatever the schools provide them. But do they really absorb, enjoy and love what they learn? To me, education is about being able to enjoy learning, having fun in the process instead of just studying and memorising with a single goal - to ace the examinations.

At Vbest, you can hear laughter coming from every class at least once each session. We do not aim to just help them through tough exams, we want them to *enjoy what they learn*, as being able to understand what they learn will help them to remember clearly.
One of our main concerns is always the quality of our teachers. Compared with others, our teachers are young, they are *energetic, passionate* and are closer to the students in age. It's easier for them to relate themselves to the modern society, and play the role of teacher and friend simultaneously. *All of our teachers are professionally trained, even if they are young.*

We are very proud to have so many excellent teachers joining our team. Our Vbest culture is widely found amongst our staff, especially teamwork and passion. Teacher training and meet ups are useful for the teachers to discuss latest education news and be updated on the syllabus. Students nowadays learn better through understanding, not just basic memorising. We encourage teachers to understand our student, namely their behaviour and learning methods to promote a better understanding.

We aim to provide the best education to our students physically and mentally, to let students understand the fun in learning in hope that they would have enjoy learning whenever they do.


Vice Principal’s Message

One of the most important decisions that any family makes is the school they choose for their children's education. Education is not just a process of providing knowledge for a future job but it is also a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one's life and make our students the future pillars of the country. Here at VBest we offer the best of teaching and learning that has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of our students. I wish to emphasise that the quality of our teachers is of our utmost concern. The process of selection of teachers is strict and through that, we have succeeded in forming professional team of skilled educators. We are deeply committed to continuously training our teachers in the latest pedagogy as well as the methodologies in order to use them to stimulate our students. Parents, students and the school authorities are a team and complement each other's efforts. Here at VBest, we aim to make sure students benefit from learning and develop their skills for the challenges in future.

Mr Jack Liew

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