Our Story

He found it hard to pay attention in classes during his schooling years. He also found it very difficult to understand his teachers' lessons. When he was 14 years old, he was in the worst class of his year. His parents nearly chased him out of the house for bad grades and disciplinary problems. At 15, an event changed his mind and he decided to fully dedicate his time and effort to finding methods to learn effectively and quickly. He started to seek help from his peers that did very well in exams, learning from them. He spent more than 10,000 hours of his life on research and supported the production of extraordinary notes, content and videos to help other struggling students around the world.

In 2002, he started teaching from house to house and by 2003 he has already established a tuition place with around 30 students from public schools, including a few outstanding teenagers. He became their mentor. These teenagers joined his journey in 2009. They gave extra classes to the tuition students and stand in as academic assistants in class. It wasn't too long until each of them garnered a lot of experience as well as built up a good reputation for themselves

After 2 years, the number of students skyrocketed, but they can only handle so much without exhausting themselves. They tried to recruit more teachers, but good teachers are hard to come by. However, they kept up the hiring and training process to ensure that the students receive the education they deserve because this is the exact reason they ventured into this field. And thus a team of dedicated teachers were assembled as they began to expand their business to accept students from international schools as well.

In 2014, they received many requests from students and parents to start another centre which is nearer to their home. After discussing with their mentor at length, they decided to start their 1st tuition centre branch. The centre was opened in the same year, but it wasn't always smooth sailing. Opening a centre also subjected them to extra costs, such as rental, teacher wages, bills and even renovation costs. This led them to expend the savings they have amassed over the years in a short period of time.

Back to square one, they began recruiting students, as well as transferring available students from the existing centre.

A few months passed but they're barely making ends meet. Although the students are giving their support, but students have to graduate eventually. They're also struggling to recruit enough new students given their young unknown brand in the new area. In these tough times, all of them thought about cutting their losses, to shut down the centre.

Their mentor gathered them and asked them, 'Do you remember your dreams? Do you remember we started the journey for something bigger than ourselves?'

Their mentor's words reignited the sparks in them once more, and they started to develop and equip themselves with much advanced teaching methods and technologies. Realising each students is different, and tuition centres in different locations require separate a set of personalised teaching methods, they devised one unique solution and methodology themselves. In a few months, their reputation preceded them in many international schools, and the centre began to grow in terms of number of students and teachers alike.

To provide ample help for all their students, they opened up their second branch, third, fourth ... seventh, until the fifteen branch opens in 2019.

That tuition centre is VBest Tutorial Centres.

Relying on their fiery passion for education, these young adults managed to make a name for themselves in the field, achieving their aspirations. Their undying enthusiasm hopes to reach more students and help more students achieve their goals. They truly appreciate the years of support received from students, parents and school teachers.

They believe to push our country education forward, parents, school teachers, tutors and the ministry of education will need to work together as a team.