VBEST IGCSE Tuition Centre Cheras Taman Segar

teachers & students
teachers & students

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+6 016 352 7988
Centre Manager
Mr Khing


No.65-3, Third Floor,
Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Same row as Maxis (2 shops away), and right opposite Leisure Mall Coffee Bean.

Tuition Centre Kuala Lumpur Cheras

Same row as Maxis (2 shops away).
Right opposite Leisure Mall Coffee Bean.

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[ Year 10 to 11 ]
Additional Mathematics
Coordinated Science (Physics)
Coordinated Science (Biology)
Coordinated Science (Chemistry)
Business Studies
English 1st Language & 2nd Language
Malay Foreign Language & 1st Language
Igcse Science Tuition
[ Year 7 to Year 9 ]
[ Year 1 to Year 6 ]
Bahasa Melayu
 IGCSE Tuition Online and Physical
Things To Know | Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
What is the average tuition cost?

The cost of tuition depends on the students need and no of subjects.

How is the igcse tuition conducted?

Our teachers use carefully structured notes, share it through Zoom and physical class.

What are the igcse subjects that you offer?

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Combined Science, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, English 1st Language, English 2nd language, Malay 1st Language, Malay Foreign Language, Mandarin 1st Language, Mandarin Foreign Language, ICT, Computer Science.

How do i sign up for online tuition classes?

You can whatsapp, call or use the sign up form.

How is vbest tuition review?

VBest is currently rated by 1197 parents and students with 4.9 / 5.

How Long is the Duration for Each Online IGCSE Lesson?

Each lesson will take from 60 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the subject and level.

How good are your teachers?

Our academic director team of teachers has helped many students scored straights A's annually. You can find their results here.

Will there be notes provided?

Yes, our carefully written notes which are updated monthly are shared to the students during class.

Is trial class available?

Igcse free tuition trial class is not available except during marketing events. However, you can pay for pro-rated fees for the first trial lesson.

Is there any deposit, registration fee or material fees?

As of now, we does not charge any deposit, registration fee or material fees. All are included in the monthly fees.

What Are The Types of IGCSE Tuition Lessons Do You Have?

We offer more than 50+ subjects from primary to secondary, Year 1 to Year 12.