This is an EXPE box. An Experiment In a Box.

The first of its kind to set foot in Malaysia.

EXPE VBest Year 1 to Year 13 Tuition Centre
EXPE VBest Year 1 to Year 13 Tuition Centre
Practical science activities play a huge role in the learning process. They encourage engagement from the students, helping them to develop important skills, understand the process of scientific investigations and develop a broad understanding of scientific concepts.
The pedagogy is built on research on learning that shows that most students do not respond best to pure "chalk and talk," but rather to "active learning" environments. With EXPE boxes, we can achieve it.

The EXPE boxes carry a complete set of apparatus and materials for students to carry out a comprehensive list of experiments without any worries.



Apparatus such as test tubes and measuring cylinders are provided to allow students to carry out their experiments with accuracy and precision.


Stored along with our apparatus and materials are safety gears to ensure that safety isn't overlooked when carrying out the experiments.


With our complete set of materials, students are able to carry out a wide range of experiments for different sciences.

From Chemistry,

Expe items 5
Expe Item 3

To Biology,            

Expe items 6
EXPE Items

To Physics.


Science experiments promote the development of scientific thinking in students.

Rather than making them memorize the facts, they are made to think and understand things and the world around them. Hands-on science experiments let students do just that, giving them a chance to engage multiple senses.

Experiments are at times prosaic, dreary, and are complicated to be executed.

The EXPE box helps you to simplify, understand and to make the most out of an experiment. So all you'd have to do is put on your gloves, wear your safety glasses, and enjoy the process!

A complete set of materials and apparatus to set up a fun, piquant experience for our students.

All in a box.

EXPE VBest Year 1 to Year 13 Tuition Centre