Qualities of a Good Learning Institution

learning Qualities of a Good Learning Institution VBest Year 1 to Year 13 Tuition Centre


Every child deserves to receive a good education. As we are aware of the importance of education, we try to learn and gain knowledge at the best learning institution. Parents, especially want to get the best education for their children. They are willing to pay so much just for their children’ education. How do we know which learning institution is good for the children’ learning process? Here are some of the qualities of a good learning institution:


  1. The learning institution has a conducive learning environment

A conducive learning environment is essential in motivating the students to develop their skills and gain knowledge. The teachers play a significant role in stimulating a conducive learning environment for the students. For examples, a teacher acknowledges and celebrate the students' progress in learning certain subjects. He or she also helps in building up the students' confidence and self-esteem. Thus, the students will find the learning experience more enjoyable in such environment along with the guidance from their teachers.


  1. The learning institution has a team of dedicated teachers

Teachers who are dedicated always improve their teaching ability to fulfill the students’ need of learning. They equip themselves with various teaching techniques and knowledge on certain subject area to ensure an effective teaching. They also prepare class modules according to the syllabus and customized with the effort to enhance the students’ understanding on what they have learned in class. In addition, the teachers are willing to conduct extra classes for the students to guide them in achieving academic excellence.


  1. Positive teacher-student communication in the learning institution

A positive teacher-student communication is important to develop a conducive environment for the students to learn effectively. With a positive communication between a teacher and the students, the teacher can be aware of any difficulties a student is having in the learning process. It will be easier for the teacher to help the student in need. Teachers can also give encouragement and has a positive impact on the students’ learning progress. The students’ communication skills will improve as they began to feel comfortable to interact with their teachers. It will be a stepping stone for the students to build-up good social skills with people of all ages, not only with their peers.


  1. Effective self-discipline and good habits nurtured among the students

Students will be able to cultivate effective self-discipline and good habits through the learning institution’s rules and expectations. As the teachers set good examples for the students to follow, they will gain understanding that the rules and expectation need to be adhere for their own benefits. The students also need to know of the consequences if the rules and expectations are broken. The effective self-discipline and good habits nurtured since young will make the students become a better person when they grow up.


  1. Academic excellence among the students

Students with good academic achievement reflect the quality of the learning institution. Among the factors that influence the students’ academic achievement are the learning environment in the institution and roles of the teachers. A learning institution who is dedicated in fulfilling the needs of the children’ education will exert effort and time to take into consideration every possible factor that will guarantee their success in academic.


Written by Low May May

learning Qualities of a Good Learning Institution VBest Year 1 to Year 13 Tuition Centre
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